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The community of designers, artists, students, and professors are all ­invited to the design festival Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.

As designers, thinkers, and makers we must become greater than we have been. The times of crisis that we live in calls for people to be extra bold, open minded, and larger in outlook. We must become a community of designers that overcomes. The design festival, improvise, adapt and overcome brings together speakers from various disciplines to advise, coach, and share their experiences on how they Improvise adapt and overcome.


Historical periods of conflict have undoubtedly helped impact and inspire designers and visual ­communicators.

The historical events of the 20th-century changed the world in unexpected ways. During the modern century, art and design were influenced by the political problems of the 20th century. Modernism and Art Deco were a direct response to the evident terrors of the First World War. Modern artists also responded to the end of World War II and the fear of the Cold War tensions.

Today, we are remarkably in times of Crisis. From the considerable rise of humanitarian needs to the gentle stirs and conflicts of civil war, along with the fight for diversity: equality: social justice, as well as the COVID 19 virus. Coronavirus has swept through every nation and has killed over a million people worldwide. Coronavirus has economically taken away millions of people's jobs due to lockdowns and restrictions. Local businesses, as well as major corporations, have also suffered losses.

In times like this, adaptability and considerable flexibility are some keys to making a change. As ­creative designers, thinkers, and makers, we must become considerably greater than we have realistically been. The ongoing crisis that we live in calls for willing people to be courageous, open-minded, imaginative, intelligent, productive, and future-driven. We must voluntarily become a community of ­designers that overcome. The design festival, Improvise Adapt and Overcome brings together speakers fashion designer Nina Jaun, industrial designer Holger Bramsiepe, and design researcher Lola Conte to advise, explain, and reveal their personal experiences on how they tackle the modern crisis of today.


09:15 Opening of this years Guest Lecture Festival 09:30 Introduction 09:40 – 10:15 Lola Conte Forensic Architecture
Talk in English
Activity Break Taking a walk together - Participatory activity to reflect on talk with a Q&A afterwards. 11:00 – 11:45 Holger Bramsiepe
Design, Zukunft, Ethik
Vortrag auf Deutsch
Gestaltungskompetenz als Chance für ein gutes Morgen?
Activity Break How we gonna live in future - Participatory activity to reflect on talk with a Q&A afterwards. 12:30 - 13:20 Lunch Break 13:20 – 14:15 Nina Jaun NCCFN
Vortrag auf Deutsch
Activity Break Networking is the key - Participatory activity to reflect on talk with a Q&A afterwards. 15:30 Wrapup and goodbye 👋🏻


Nina Jaun, CH

Fashion designer and founding member of the collective NCCFN

Talk in English


Nina Jaun is a fashion designer and founding member of collective NCCFN. Many of their works circle around the creative use of recycled materials. NCCFN members pursue their own young and collaborative way of doing things, always aware of what is going on in the world, reacting to the currents.

#fashion-design #do-it-with-others #collaborative #reuse-materials

Holger Bramsiepe, DE

Designer, entrepreneur and systemic consultant

Vortrag in Deutsch


Design ist nicht unschuldig aber auch nicht an allem schuld – wie können wir mit Design, Kreativität und einer guten Haltung das Morgen und Übermorgen besser gestalten lernen?

Holger Bramsiepe entwickelt nachhaltige Strategien und Konzepte für die Zukunft seiner Kunden. In diesen Projekten sowie in seiner Tätigkeit als Dozent für Designmanagement setzt er sich mit Themen der Krise im und durch Design auseinander. So beschäftigt er sich mit Ethik im Design ebenso wie mit den Problematiken des Coronavirus.

#design-ethics #strategies #entrepreneur #crisis-resistance

Lola Conte, UK

Assistant Researcher at Forensic Architecture

Talk in English


At Forensic Architecture, Lola Conte helps the agency in their goal to develop new evidence techniques and undertake investigations on behalf of human rights and civil society groups, as well as political and environmental justice organizations. In this position she focuses on spatial research through various digital tools and techniques.

#evidence-research #media-investigations #post-truth


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